Do it yourself

26.01.2022 / Do it yourself / Garden decoration / Upcycling

Repurposing not rejecting. Upcycled flower ideas for the garden, terrace and balcony.

With upcycling, geraniums can be staged in a contemporary and sustainable way. We present new creative ideas for gardens, terraces and balconies!

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22.02.2021 / Do it yourself / Garden decoration / Uses

Unique, cheap, long-lasting. Creative upcycling ideas for geranium lovers.

Discover new upcycling ideas with geraniums from vertical gardens with bicycle tyres to hanging baskets made from cooking pots and planters from tin cans to DIY beds made from...

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01.02.2021 / Do it yourself / Table decoration

Floral tablescapes. Colourful table decor with cut geraniums.

Geraniums are also very suitable as cut flowers. We present ideas for table decorations with cut geraniums, from the single flower in the vase to the centrepiece and...

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14.01.2021 / Do it yourself / Uses / Varieties

Blooming great ideas for summer. Deco ideas with cut geraniums.

With their varied flowers, geraniums also make good cut flowers. We present decoration ideas with cut geraniums and geranium flowers.

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