Table decoration

28.03.2022 / Craft ideas / Do it yourself / Table decoration

Happy Easter! Blooming deco ideas with geraniums

Regal pelargoniums flower earlier than classic geraniums. They are therefore wonderfully suitable for Easter decorations. We present creative ideas for Easter decorations with pelargoniums.

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27.01.2022 / Do it yourself / Table decoration

Enjoy with all your senses. Floral summer tables with geraniums.

Geraniums are a beautiful summer table decoration. Discover new, easy-to-make decoration ideas for flowering summer tables.

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01.02.2021 / Do it yourself / Table decoration

Floral tablescapes. Colourful table decor with cut geraniums.

Geraniums are also very suitable as cut flowers. We present ideas for table decorations with cut geraniums, from the single flower in the vase to the centrepiece and...

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19.02.2019 / Do it yourself / Table decoration / Upcycling

Colourful floral decorations for summer tables. Dining with geraniums.

Whether as a pot plant or as a cut flower, the geranium is ideally suited as a colourful flower decoration for the summer table. Discover our new ideas.

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