Garden decoration

26.03.2022 / Craft ideas / Do it yourself / Garden decoration

Feed the birds. Blooming craft ideas for geranium lovers and bird lovers.

Whether it's a feeding place, bird bath or nest box, geraniums make birds' favourite places in the garden blossom.

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14.03.2022 / Do it yourself / Garden decoration / Upcycling / Uses

Floral chill-out zones. Deco ideas with geraniums for an after-work party

From bar tables to floor plugs and table decorations, discover blooming DIY ideas with geraniums for the garden party.

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26.01.2022 / Do it yourself / Garden decoration / Upcycling

Repurposing not rejecting. Upcycled flower ideas for the garden, terrace and balcony.

With upcycling, geraniums can be staged in a contemporary and sustainable way. We present new creative ideas for gardens, terraces and balconies!

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25.01.2022 / Garden decoration / Uses

Colourful flower carpets. Geraniums as bedding plants

Geraniums do not only shine in boxes and tubs. As bedding plants they provide carpets of flowers in gardens, parks and green spaces. Learn more about this lesser-known use...

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