Mit Geranien bepflanzte Handtaschen im Vintage Stil am Balkongeländer

Eight beautiful upcycling projects with geraniums

Are you looking for upcycling ideas to showcase your geraniums this summer? Then you should not miss this post.

Do you still buy new items, or have you started upcycling? It’s all the rage to recycle or repurpose old packaging, discarded furniture or unused items and transform them into something new. Upcycling is the latest mantra. You can even upcycle when designing gardens, balconies, and terraces.

This article will teach you:

1.) The origin of the term “upcycling”
2.) What’s behind the upcycling craze
3.) Upcycling ideas that can showcase your geraniums this summer to make your garden or balcony really special.

Where does the term upcycling come from?

The engineer Reiner Pilz first used the English term “upcycling” in 1994, emphasising how old items can actually go up in quality when (re)cycled. It expresses the idea that with upcycling, things gain a higher value, which isn’t usually the case with recycling.

Why has upcycling become a trend?

There are many reasons behind the continued upcycling hype, the main being:

– It’s sustainable – upcycling conserves resources and prevents waste.
– It’s unique – upcycling fosters individual self-expression.
– It’s cheap – upcycling is always an effective way to save money.
– It’s creative – crafting and DIY projects have boomed since the pandemic but were popular long before.

All these reasons prove that upcycling isn’t just a passing fad, and will continue to be popular for a long time. Ready to start your next upcycling project?

rote Geranien in geblümten Schuhen mit auf Tisch neben Tontöpfen und Werkzeug

Eight beautiful upcycling ideas with geraniums

There’s hardly anything that can’t be turned into something new with a little imagination and skill. Here, we list eight wonderful upcycling ideas with geraniums that will spice up your balcony or garden in a way that is sustainable, unique and cheap. You’ll find instructions for the trickier ideas. Let’s get started:

Idea 1: Geranium bed made from old car tyres

Geranien verschiedener Farben in alte Reifen eingepflanzt. Die Reifen sind hellgrün, dunkelgrün und braun eingefärbt.

With a little paint you can turn old car tyres into cool flower pots, which when stacked next to each other become a flower bed. A great home for geraniums and other flowers! Want to know how to do this?

Click here for detailed step-by-step instructions.

Idea 2: Hanging basket with geraniums in a car tyre

You can use a single car tyre as a wonderful hanging basket on a wall or fence. It looks especially nice if you plant both zonal and ivy geraniums between the walls of the tyre. Don’t forget to poke holes in the tread before planting so that excess water can drain away.

Alter Reifen hängt Vertikal an einem Holzzaun. Aus ihm hängen rosa Geranien

Idea 3: Candelabra becomes a geranium hanging basket, bird home and butterfly hotel

Upcycling DIY Aufhängung aus Kronleuchter mit Nistkasten und Geranien in roten Töpfen an einem Baum

Who would have thought that an old candelabra could be so useful? This one has three functions, not only does it provide a home for geraniums, but birds and butterflies too. It makes a beautiful display for any garden. Would you like a chandelier-come-geranium hanging basket, bird nest and butterfly house all in one?

Click here for more information.

Idea 4: Geraniums in shabby chic tin cans

Dented old tin cans can be used as pots for geraniums and other summer flowers, particularly if you plant a colourful mix of varieties such as Cosmos, Twinspur or Lantana, in tin cans of different colours sizes.

Tip: To allow excess water to drain away, create drainage holes in the tins with an electric screwdriver, drill or can opener.

Rote, pinke und violette Geranien in Blechdosen stehen auf altem Tisch im Garten.

Idea 5: Cups as geranium hanging baskets, bird baths and feeding stations

Upcycling Blumenampel aus Vintage Tasse und Untertasse mit lilafarbener Geranie in Garten

Are your kitchen cupboards full of old crockery? Then have a clear out! Cups and saucers are perfect for stylish upcycling ideas. For example, you can easily turn an extra-large cup into a decorative geranium hanging basket.

You can find out how much space geraniums need to grow here . Smaller cups can be used for charming feeding stations and birdbaths.

For more information, click here.

Idea 6: Living geranium painting

A picture frame, geraniums in pots, string, two hooks and a drill is all that’s needed to make this flowering work of nature art.

First, screw the hooks into the top corners of the frame. Then drill three to four holes in the top of each plant pot (this is easiest with plastic or metal plant pots), thread strings through them and attach the pots to the frame. Finally, hang the picture frame with a sturdy rope in a place where the geraniums will get as much sunlight as possible.

Geranien verschiedener Farben hängen in pinken Blumentöpfen an goldenem Bilderrahmen vom Baum

Idea 7: Vintage suitcase as a planter for geraniums

Rosa Geranien in altem Koffer als Pflanzkasten

You can plant geraniums in anything that’s large enough and hollow, like an old suitcase.

With a little foil and a few drainage holes, they can make for perfect vintage-style geranium containers. You can read about what to look for when planting geraniums here .

Tip: Attics, basements and garages are often full of unneeded items so are ideal places to find alternative planters. Otherwise, try visiting a flea market.

Idea 8: Floating geranium window

To make a hanging decoration for the garden out of an old wooden window, you will need a geranium, a wooden board, string, screws, two hooks, a drill and extra-strong adhesive pads or hot glue. First, attach two hooks to the top of the window. Next, drill screw holes into the wooden board and attach it to the bottom of the window. You can also drill holes in the outer corners of the board, thread string through them and attach them to the window. Finally, hang the window on the hooks and place geranium pots and other decorations to the windowsill with adhesive pads or hot glue.

Pinke Geranien in Töpfen und Vasen stehen auf einem vom Baum hängenden Holzfenster mit Fensterbrett

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