The beauty of imperfection. Perfectly imperfect decor with geraniums

True beauty lies not in perfection, but in imperfection. This view is gaining in popularity, reflected in various interior trends, such as industrial or vintage style, the upcycling trend or the Japanese aesthetic concept of wabi-sabi. The realisation that less is often more and not everything has to be immaculate, has become an integral part of the interior design scene. Reusing old items not only conserves valuable resources, it also allows you to personalise your own space. The experts at Pelargonium for Europe (PfE) have reimagined geraniums with this in mind. They celebrate the imperfect in decor as well as the beauty of this hardy and versatile plant.

Upcycled geranium wall displays

With a wide variety of flowers in vibrant colours, geraniums not only look stunning in pots and balcony boxes, these easy-care plants also make great wall displays.

You can showcase geraniums strikingly with creative upcycled wall designs. Old spades, for example, make excellent rustic holders for flower pots. The freshness of the geranium blooms form an attractive contrast to the rusting metal and weathered brickwork. A great feature with nostalgic charm!

The upcycled vertical garden on the right  was created from an old picket fence. Fixed to the top of a weathered old stone wall, the wooden fence hangs down loosely and provides space for pots and baskets.

They are attached to the wooden strips with hooks and planted with easy-care geraniums and herbs. A perfectly imperfect homemade wall display for anyone who likes the unconventional and also values sustainable garden design.

The wall display, on the left, made from a wooden window is a tribute to the beauty of the ephemeral.

The fresh geranium flowers stand out against the old window and create a living accent against the ageing wall.

A string of lights wound round the window frame provides atmospheric light on warm summer evenings

Geranium planters with patina

Scuffed, tarnished,with peeling paint or a rough, weathered surface: these planters with plenty of patina look as if they’ve seen better days. This is precisely why they have such a special aesthetic appeal.

The bare wall in the background and the spartan decor emphasise the austere charm of this still life and highlight the natural beauty of the geraniums all the more.

The geranium arrangement on the left deliberately highlights the aesthetics of the unfinished and the transient.

The bowl in the metal frame is only partially covered with moss. The bowl and frame both look rusty, the wall bare.

The delicate white blossoms of the geranium create a joyful accent that contrasts with the rough surroundings and apparently unfinished planter.

Upcycled geranium display stand

Too much furniture, too little space? No problem. Items of furniture can be placed, not only next to each other, but also on top of one another.

The more contrasting the furniture, the more unique the result. This original display stand, consisting of three very different tables, offers plenty of space in a bright conservatory for easy-care potted geraniums in a variety of colours and sizes.

A lush trailing geranium takes pride of place on the top table.

Tip: When choosing a location for your stand, bear in mind that geraniums need plenty of sunlight and warmth to flourish.