Homemade with love. Five fantastic ideas for geranium planter projects

With customised containers, you can decorate balconies, patios and gardens with individual touches as well as show off geraniums beautifully. The decor experts at Pelargonium for Europe (PfE) share five ideas for homemade flower pots guaranteed to turn heads.

Nostalgic lace pot

Geraniums are stunning plants. Plain terracotta pots just don’t do their beauty justice. Fortunately, you can change that with very little effort.

Nostalgic lace details give these upcycled pots a charming vintage look. They’re really simple to make and can transform geraniums into fantastic features and personalised floral gifts.

For this upcycled pot project, you will need terracotta pots, lace doilies, lace edging, scissors, clear waterproof decoupage glue, brushes and flowering geranium plants.

Here’s what to do: Cut pieces from the lace doilies and edgings to match the size of your terracotta pots.

Apply decoupage glue to the pots with the brush. Glue the lace pieces onto the terracotta pots in your desired pattern. Allow to dry. Apply an extra layer of glue on top of the lace to fix the pieces in place and give your pots a glossy finish.

Jewelled rustic planter

These stunning noble geraniums are widely regarded as the most beautiful varieties. They look even more striking in upcycled pots decorated with colourful glass stones. Even beginners canmake this project a success in just a few steps.

You will need clean terracotta pots, scissors, self-adhesive fibreglass mesh or drywall tape, powdered plaster, water, an old container and a spoon for mixing, a small spatula, plastic gloves, colourful glass stones and beads and flowering noble geranium plants.

How to do it:

Step 1: Cut strips of the fibreglass mesh tape long enough to cover the height of your pot, plus a little extra to go over the rim.

Step 2: Stick the strips of fabric tape to the outside of the terracotta pot. This will help the plaster adhere better.

Step 3: Mix the powdered plaster with water according to the instructions. Ideally, use an old container you don’t need to keep afterwards.

It’s important to use the plaster immediately after mixing, as it dries quickly.

Step 4: Put on the plastic gloves and spread the plaster mixture generously over the outside of the terracotta pot using the spatula to create a deliberately rough, textured surface.

Step 5: Gently press the glass stones and beads into the plaster. Be careful not to get any mixture on the outer surfaces. Leave the plaster to harden. You can remove any plaster residue with liquid citric acid, available from a chemist or DIY store.

Step 6: Finally, place your geranium in the pot and position it in a bright spot.

Vibrant terracotta pot tower

A tower of colourfully painted terracotta pots glued together makes a great focal point and a fun way to showcase lush, flowering geraniums.

Tip: Place several towers of different heights next to each other.

This creates a vertical sea of flowers that can be used to hide unsightly walls.

Contemporary geranium planter for design fans

A modern design object and planter in one: this eye-catching project makes a statement on a patio or balcony and perfectly showcases a lush red trailing geranium. You can create this designer piece in just a few steps.

For this modern designer geranium planter project, you will need a large, round metal bowl as a base, three smaller hemispherical bowls with flat rims, sandpaper, a sealant gun, high-strength construction adhesive, waterproof spray paint and a flowering trailing geranium plant.

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: To make sure the paint adheres well, clean the surface of the large, round metal bowl to remove any grease and dust, then roughen it with the sandpaper.

Step 2: Using the sealant gun, apply the construction adhesive to the edge of one of the smaller hemispherical bowls and place a second one on top to create a sphere with two flat ends.

Step 3: Apply glue to the upper end of the sphere.

Step 4: Place the third hemispherical bowl on top of the spherical structure. It will become the dish in which you’ll plant the geranium later. Allow the glue to harden completely.

Step 5: Glue the three joined bowls onto the large metal bowl that serves as the base. Once the glue has hardened, spray the entire piece with waterproof spray paint in the colour of your choice.

Step 6: Plant the trailing geranium in the smaller bowl and place your designer container in a sunny to semi-shady spot.

Tip: Add a drainage layer to prevent waterlogging. As this planter has no drainage holes, place it in a spot sheltered from rain and water it lightly on a regular basis.

Stylish concrete planters for nonconformists

With masking tape and paint, simple concrete containers can be transformed into stylish planters in no time at all, allowing colourful geraniums to really stand out. To create these customised planters, cover the containers with masking tape so the exposed surfaces create a pretty pattern.

Press the masking tape down firmly so no paint can run underneath. Then spray the containers with waterproof paint and leave to dry. Remove the tape and plant up your finished vessels with easy-care geraniums.

You can vary the patterns and colours of the planters to suit your taste and adapt them to any style.