• 14.08.2020

Getting the hang of it DIY plant hangers with geraniums

Geraniums are showcased beautifully in hanging planters. High up in the air, these easy-care blooming wonders make gaily-coloured eye-catchers that produce an impressive show of flowers all summer long. As opposed to classic balcony boxes and planters, these plant swings are extremely versatile and space-saving. Therefore they do not take up much valuable space and can find a spot even on the smallest balcony. For all those with a penchant for arts & crafts, the experts from Pelargonium for Europe have put together some fresh ideas for DIY hanging pots with geraniums.

Vertical: geraniums squared

This easy-to-make DIY hanging planter is s real space-saver thanks to the vertical arrangement of its two geranium pots.

To make it, you will need two zinc cachepots, two flat wooden squares with large round holes in the centre, spray paint, sturdy string, a darning needle, scissors and two geraniums in your preferred colour shade.

Important: The sides of the wooden squares must be longer than the diameter of the plant pots at the top. It’s advisable to have them cut at a home improvement store. In addition to the round holes in the centre they must have pre-drilled holes in the corners to thread the strings through when hanging the pots up later.

And here’s how it’s done:

First spray-paint the wooden squares and allow to dry. Next, thread four strings of the same length through the pre-drilled holes in the corners of the wooden squares with the darning needle and tie knots to hold them in place at the preferred spacing.

Tip: Depending on how thick the strings are, it might make sense to double them. Then insert the zinc plant pots in the round holes in the centre and draw the loose ends of the four strings together at the top to tie a loop for hanging the planter.

Finally, arrange the geranium pots in the cachepots and hang up the finished decoration from a hook in the ceiling. Done!

Horizontal: swinging geranium trio

This DIY wooden frame with its swinging geranium trio is an original design idea that you can make yourself with the right materials and a bit of handcrafting skill. With its three horizontally aligned geranium pots, this decoration can also be strategically placed to provide a flowering privacy screen.

To construct it, you will need upright or trailing geraniums in your choice of colour, terracotta pots with saucers, glue, rope, as well as two round wooden poles and connecting pieces. These end pieces must have holes in both sides with a diameter that is a bit bigger than that of the wooden poles.

Important: The overall length of the connecting pieces and the distance between the holes will depend on the size of the clay pots.

And here’s how it’s done:

First slide the connecting pieces onto both ends of the two wooden poles to make a stable frame. Next, tie four ropes of similar length to the ends of the wooden poles and draw the loose ends together. Make sure that the structure hangs straight when suspended. Hot-glue the saucers to the bottoms of the pots. Then arrange the terracotta pots and saucers in the frame with equal spaces between them, hang up the finished plant swing and set the geraniums in the pots. Done!

Tip: Depending on the height of the hanging decoration, choose upright or trailing geraniums for the best look.

Slanted: rustic wall hanging

This DIY hanging planter puts classic geraniums in a completely new light and is sure to appeal to today’s ethno trend enthusiasts.

A decoration idea that can be made even without a lot of arts & crafts skill. All you need are geraniums, a long stick, two branch forks, two baskets, ideally with handles, string, screws and accessories for additional decoration.

And here’s how it’s done:

Cut a branch and two branch forks from a tree, remove any shoots and trim the sticks to the desired length. Screw the branch forks to the wall, parallel to one another, for holding the stick.

Then hang the baskets and decorative accessories on strings from the stick at various heights. Finally, set the geraniums in the baskets. Done!

Tip: Orange geraniums make a particularly charming contrast to the natural colours of the other materials.