Geraniums – the classic gem of the garden

With vibrant colours that brighten up any outside space or more subtle tones that can create a relaxing floral oasis geraniums can transform gardens, patios and terraces – whatever the size.

Loved for their stunning flower heads, geraniums (also known as Pelargonium) are real beauties with gorgeous green leaves and fabulous flowers in a variety of colours such as red, white, pink, purple, lilac and orange. Great as a pop of colour in the summer garden, Pelargonium for Europe know that geraniums take centre stage when it comes to garden makeovers and container planting.

The joy about geraniums is that they keep flowering throughout the summer and are extremely low maintenance making them both reliable and versatile. They fit effortlessly into every environment and decorating style whether that’s modern, vintage or classic country cottage helping to create feel-good gardens, brightly coloured urban balconies or lush green living spaces.

Feel-good Gardens

A garden is the ideal place to retreat from the hectic pace of daily life. Filled with soothing greenery and brightly-coloured flowers, gardens give us the opportunity to relax and feel at home.

With their luminous colours, geraniums give gardens some beautiful blooming focal points. Originally from South Africa, they need a spot that gets full sun or partial shade to thrive and flower throughout the season.


They are also happy in pretty much any container – either on their own or with other plant varieties. Go for an on-trend vintage style and up-cycle an old shopping bag or basket as a planter – mixing colours and textures.

The delicate pink of the geranium flowers creates a balanced contrast to the green of the basket and natural surroundings.

For a stunning outside table centrepiece that lasts throughout the summer, plant a terracotta bowl or pot with some favourite colours of geraniums. Add a touch of floral elegance to al fresco entertaining.


Combining herbs, green foliage and colourful summer flowers such as geraniums, cosmos and nasturtiums provides a feast for the senses. Repurpose old biscuit tins to make shabby chic planters – just punch a few holes in the bottom for water to drain.

Green Living Spaces

Green leaved and flowering plants transform outdoor areas into relaxing living spaces that give an extra dimension to daily life. Whether it’s a space to socialise with friends and family or to sit and indulge in daydreams, the showy flowers and colours of geraniums instantly evoke a feeling of chilled out summer living, bringing the inside outdoors. Tops tips for green living…


Plant in three – whether that’s three plants or three pots – rattan baskets make simple stunning planters for brightly coloured geraniums (left)

Create an outside living room for the summer – mix and match plants to provide colour contrasts such as orange geraniums with deep red canna that make a natural backdrop to seasonal furniture and accessories (centre)

Use pre-loved kitchen or household items as containers – orange geranium in an original hanging metal pot (right)

Summer in the City

A city balcony or yard can be turned into a wellness oasis in summer by adding brightly coloured plants, furniture and accessories. Combine profusely blooming geraniums, tomato plants, olive and orange trees with outdoor seating and decorative elements to create the perfect setting for some ‘me’ time.

An island of happiness in the heart of the city:

This small city balcony appeals to all the senses … colourful geraniums alongside oranges and tomatoes (left)

A feel of Mediterranean flair

Olive trees with geranium, making the most of the summer months (right)