Flower power at eye level. DIY geranium hanging baskets

It doesn’t always have to be balcony boxes and planters. Geraniums also look fantastic in hanging baskets and other suspended containers. These lush summer flowers look even better in homemade hanging baskets. The experts from Pelargonium for Europe (PfE) showcase three creative ideas for hanging display projects featuring geraniums and reveal which varieties are most effective at great heights.

The best geranium varieties for hanging planters

With flowering stems up to 1.5m long, trailing geraniums are ideal for balcony boxes. However, the impressive flower cascades of these varieties – also known as pelargonium peltatum or ivy-leafed geraniums – are also beautiful in hanging baskets or other suspended planters.

Self-cleaning varieties are particularly good for high-hanging containers and balcony boxes on house facades.

These shed faded flowers on their own, so you don’t have to deadhead them. This is an huge advantage if the blooms are hard to reach. However, trailing geraniums aren’t always the best choice for hanging baskets. With their prolific shoots, they usually completely take over the containers they’re grown in very quickly.

If you want to show off the container itself, as well as the plant, it’s better to choose upright geraniums. In addition to this classic variety, scented, noble and butterfly geranium types are also suitable.

It’s important to choose a sunny or semi-shady spot to hang them.

All types of geranium need plenty of light to grow vigorously and continue to produce new flowers until autumn.

DIY geranium wind chime

This pretty hanging display project is a geranium hanging basket and wind chime in one. With a trailing geranium, one large and three small terracotta pots, acrylic paints, brushes, twine, large wooden beads, smaller flat beads and a trailing geranium, this eye-catching design is quick and simple to create.

Here’s how to make it:

Carefully clean the terracotta pots and paint them with acrylic paints as desired. Leave to dry.

Below the top rim, tightly wrap the large pot several times with the twine and tie strings to it for hanging. From inside the large terracotta pot, thread a long piece of twine out through the hole in the bottom and fix it above the opening with a flat?  bead as a “stopper”.

I think this is where the flat beads should be used. This needs adding in the DE text.

The bead must be larger than the hole so the string doesn’t slip through and the wind chime hangs securely.

Then attach the three smaller pots to the string like bells with the opening facing downwards using more “stopper” beads. Insert a large wooden bead between each of the pots as a “bell clapper” (see photo). Make sure the distance between the beads is such that each one gently hits the rim of its pot when the wind blows, making a sound.

Clothes rail with macramé geranium hanging baskets

A disused clothes rail is perfect for holding macramé hanging baskets filled with lush geraniums.

Sprayed with shiny gloss paint, this example looks stunning with the gorgeous blooms of these easy-care summer flowers.

Extra practical: as the clothes rail has wheels, it can be moved back and forth as required. On a patio, for example, it works brilliantly as a flexible partition.

Tip: It looks even better when the flower pot colours coordinate with the rail and the geraniums

Upcycled sieve hanging basket

Colourful geraniums make this hanging basket, made from an old kitchen sieve and colourful strings of beads, a fantastic decorative idea for any garden party. You can create this homemade hanging design yourself in just a few steps.

You will need: a sieve without a handle (this can be easily removed with a grinder or similar tool), rust effect spray paint, a reel of craft wire, various coloured beads, wire cutters and a trailing geranium.

Here’s how to make it:

Step 1: For the perfect vintage look, coat the sieve with the rust effect spray paint and leave to dry. tip: For geraniums to grow and produce flowers well into autumn, these easy-care plants need plenty of space. As most sieves are unlikely to be deep enough in the long term, we recommend only using your upcycled hanging basket as a temporary geranium container.

Step 2: Use the wire cutters to cut three equal lengths of craft wire to your desired hanging length. Thread the coloured beads onto the lengths of wire in whatever pattern you like.

Step 3: Attach the three lengths of beaded wire to the top edge of the sieve. An even distance between the attachment points will ensure your hanging basket stays level. Twist the upper ends of the wires together.

Step 4: Finally, plant the trailing geranium in the sieve and suspend your upcycled hanging basket with strong rope or cord in a sunny to semi-shady spot in your garden or on your patio. Water in small amounts.