Floating geranium charm. DIY hangers for summer gardens and balconies.

The geranium is the ultimate summer and balcony plant. For generations this easy-care beauty has been radiating a summer feeling and happy mood on balconies, terraces and gardens, thanks to its vivid colours and opulent flowers. The geranium not only cuts a fine figure in balcony boxes, planters and flower beds, but also makes a great summer eye-catcher in hanging planters. The following DIY ideas from the plant experts at Pelargonium for Europe demonstrate how geraniums in mid-air can also be presented with great impact.

Geranium curtain - not only for urban balconies

A curtain of geraniums is an original deco idea and privacy screen in one, and not only attracts attention on urban balconies. Geraniums in their pots are simply hung from a curtain rod attached to a balcony railing.


To make this deco idea you will need flowering upright geraniums, a curtain rod, matching hooks, gold spray paint, Hosta leaves and gold florist’s wire.

And here’s how to do it:

First, spray a curtain rod and some hooks with gold paint and allow to dry. Then hang the curtain rod and its hooks in a suitable place. In a next step, wrap the geranium pots in Hosta leaves, concealing them entirely. Hold the leaves in place with florist’s wire, leaving a long end to hang the geranium pots from the hooks on the curtain rod. To achieve the best effect, hang the floating pots at various heights.

Tip: To ensure a sufficient water supply, it’s ideal to water the plants in small amounts throughout the day. To avoid dehydration, you can wrap the bottom of the pot with some moss. This acts as a water reservoir.

Tipp: Für eine ausreichende Wasserversorgung idealerweise mehrmals am Tag in kleinen Schlucken gießen. Um ein allzu rasches Austrocknen zu vermeiden, den Pflanztopf eventuell zusätzlich unten herum mit Moos einwickeln. Dieses dient als Wasserspeicher.

Garden decorations in upcycling style

What better place to escape from everyday life than in a lovingly landscaped garden?

Here you can let your mind wander undisturbed and just relax. And designing your garden needn’t be expensive. Upcycling, for example, is a good way to turn old klunkers into new gems. The resulting creations often look far more interesting than store-bought garden art. For bigger decorations the rule ‘less is more’ applies. Often a single, carefully placed deco element is already enough to draw all the attention in a garden, as the following two ideas show.

This living geranium painting in the latest upcycling style is guaranteed to wow everyone. This original eye-catcher for any garden is very easy to make yourself. You will need four profusely flowering geraniums in matching plastic pots, an old picture frame, string, two hooks and a cordless drill.


And here’s how to do it:

Screw the hooks into the top of the picture frame near the corners. Then drill 3-4 holes in the rims of each plant pot and thread strings through the holes. Tying knots in the ends will prevent the strings from slipping back out. Then fasten the pots with their geraniums to the top of the frame at various heights and hang the frame on a branch, positioning it as level as possible.

This hanging geranium window display will not go unnoticed either. The original garden decoration has the best impact when suspended in between the greenery. If you want to copy this idea you will need an old wooden window frame, matching wooden board, strong string or a thin rope, screws, two hooks, a drill and extra-strong adhesive pads, as well as a profusely flowering geranium in a terracotta pot and other decorative objects for the windowsill.

Here’s how to do it:

In order to hang up the hanging geranium window display, two hooks are screwed into the top of the window frame near the corners. The board that is to serve as the windowsill can now be screwed to the bottom of the frame. As additional adornment, drill two holes into the outer corners of the shelf, pull a short string through each and tie the ends to the outsides of the frame. Then suspend the window with rope from the hooks and adjust until level. And finally, place the geranium and other deco objects on the windowsill. Done!

Tip: To keep the objects from falling off at the first gust of wind it is advisable to hold them in place with the adhesive pads.


Floating geranium swing

This hanging wooden tray with embedded geranium pots is also an extraordinary deco idea that is sure to attract attention in any garden. Aside from trailing or upright geraniums in the colour of your choice, the essential materials for making the floating plant tray are a round wooden tray, ropes and simple terracotta pots. Four round holes are sawed into the tray for holding the plant pots. The holes should be big enough for the pots to fit through but smaller than their upper rims, so they don’t slip through the tray. Four small holes for the ropes are drilled along the edge of the tray between the larger holes. The ropes must be strong enough to carry the weight of the geranium tray. Knots tied in the ends of the ropes keep them in place.

Tip: Choose upright or trailing geraniums, depending on the depth of the tray.