Feed the birds. Blooming craft ideas for geranium lovers and bird lovers.

Increasing environmental awareness means many people are now paying more attention to what’s around them. At the same time, interest in sustainable trends such as upcycling is increasing significantly. This is also reflected in the design of gardens, terraces and balconies. Today, these should not only look beautiful, but ideally also provide valuable habitats for birds and insects. The following three DIY ideas from Pelargonium for Europe are aimed at nature-lovers who also love geraniums, like to make things and want to do something for our feathered friends.

Hanging vintage cup feeding station with matching geranium hanging planter

Far too good to throw away:

Cups and saucers that are no longer needed are perfect for creative upcycled projects. Flower and bird lovers alike will enjoy this vintage geranium hanging planter and matching feeding station for our feathered friends. With the right materials, you can create this pretty craft project in no time. Important: Geraniums need plenty of space, so use cups of an appropriate size for these hanging planters.

Materials needed: suitable cups and saucers, a cordless drill with a glass or ceramic drill bit, hot glue and glue gun, as well as metal chains, rings and possibly a hook for hanging (sometimes available as a set). Also a flowering geranium and/or birdseed.

Step 1: Using the glass or ceramic drill bit, carefully drill three small holes in each of the saucers. Make sure there is enough space between the holes and the rim.

Vintage Tassen, Untertassen, Ketten und Geranie sowie Bohrmaschine und Heißkleber als Materialien und Werkzeug für DIY Upcycling Blumenampel

Step 2: Insert metal rings (or hooks) through the drilled holes and attach the metal chains to them.

Step 3: Fix the cups to the saucers with hot glue.

Important: Cups for flower pots must have drainage holes to prevent waterlogging. The same applies to the saucers. Before drilling, make sure the holes are aligned exactly when the cup is placed on the saucer.

Step 4: Finally, pot small geranium plants in the cups or fill them with birdseed and hang the finished upcycled decorations in a sheltered place. Tip: As a variation, the cup can also be fixed lying on the saucer for the upcycled bird feeder station.

Hand hält Akkubohrer und bohrt Löcher in Vintage Untertassen neben lilafarbener Geranie
Upcycling Blumenampel aus Vintage Tasse und Untertasse mit lilafarbener Geranie in Garten

Flowering chandelier bird and butterfly shelter

An old candle chandelier can be transformed into a beautiful garden feature and a flowering shelter for birds and butterflies in just a few simple steps.

For this pretty, on-trend, upcycled hanging decoration, you need an old candle chandelier from a charity shop, a suitable birdhouse, a bug hotel, a number of flower pots (depending on the number of chandelier arms), hot glue and glue gun, paint or spray paint and matching flowering geraniums.

How to: fix the birdhouse, the bug hotel and the metal pots to the candle plates of the chandelier arms with hot glue. If the candle plates have pins, we recommend drilling small holes in the objects to be fixed beforehand. Then paint or spray your finished piece in a colour of your choice, fill the pots with geraniums in matching colours and hang the converted chandelier in a sunny or semi-shady spot in the garden.

Tip: Self-cleaning hanging geranium varieties are ideal for high-hanging decorations like this. They are very easy to care for and can grow trails of up to 1.5m long in the course of the summer.


Und so wird’s gemacht:

Den Vogelnistkasten, das Schmetterlingshaus und die Metallübertöpfe mit Heißkleber auf den Kerzentellern der Kronleuchterarme befestigen. Für den Fall, dass Stifte auf den Kerzentellern dies verhindern, empfiehlt es sich, vorher kleine Löcher in die zu fixierenden Gegenstände zu bohren. Anschließend das fertige Schmuckstück in der Wunschfarbe anmalen oder besprühen, die Töpfe mit farblich passenden Geranien bestücken und den umfunktionierten Leuchter an einem sonnigen bis maximal halbschattigen Ort im Garten aufhängen.

Tipp: Für hoch hängende Dekorationen wie diese eignen sich selbstreinigende, hängende Geraniensorten besonders gut. Sie sind äußerst pflegeleicht und können im Laufe des Sommers bis zu 1,50 Meter lange Triebe bilden.

Flowering chandelier bird and butterfly shelter

With this flowering feeding station, flower lovers get their money’s worth just as much as bird fans:

on a homemade, small, round table, are nesting box-style planters filled with richly flowering geraniums. Next to them, bowls of water and bird food invite feathered garden visitors to stop by. The hot pink of this decorative grouping attracts attention and provides a splash of colour in the midst of the greenery.

Tip: Fix the planters and bowls in place with hot glue so they don’t tip over if larger birds come to visit