Colourful and diverse. Decorative ideas with cut geraniums

Bouquets and flower arrangements are not the first thing most people think of when they think of geraniums. Images of red trailing geraniums in balcony boxes adorning the facades of farmhouses are too dominant. But geraniums are rightly known as the “flowering queen of bedding and balcony plants”, as they bloom profusely, are easy to care for, hardy and score highly with their long flowering period and impressive diversity. Their varied blooms and abundance of flowers also make geraniums perfect as cut flowers. The experts from Pelargonium for Europe (PfE) explain how different these easy-care summer flowers can look and showcase decorative ideas with geraniums in flower tubes and vases.

Geranium flowers: a riot of colour

Geranium blooms boast an immense variety of colours, sizes and shapes. Their palette ranges from white, pink, lilac and violet to salmon, orange and yellow. There are also numerous shades of red, as well as two-tone and patterned varieties with colour gradients, stripes or speckles.

They come in single, semi-double and double, large, medium and small varieties. Some are reminiscent of butterflies, others of stars. There are flowers with so many petals they look like rosebuds and others that resemble tulips.

As cut flowers in bouquets and arrangements, geraniums can make perfect use of this seemingly unlimited variety.

Cutting their stems doesn’t bother these flowering plants either; on the contrary it stimulates them to bloom.

Incidentally, almost all types of geraniums can be used as cut flowers, whether upright, interspecific (a cross between zonal and ivy geraniums), hanging, noble, butterfly or scented geraniums. For the perfect sensory experience, combine different geraniums together.

Colourful upcycled geranium vases

 Each of these cheerful and colourful upcycled vases is unique. These original vessels are perfect for showcasing the many different geranium flower types. And the best thing is, this creative craft idea is quick and simple to make, even for novice crafters.

You will need: Geraniums, disposable glass or plastic containers, white air-drying modelling clay, a rolling pin, a knife, paints, brushes and (optional) clear varnish.

Here’s how to make it: Using the rolling pin, roll out the modelling clay thinly and, with the knife, cut out a strip big enough to fit round your container. Repeat for every container. Cover each one with the modelling clay and carefully press the ends together to close the “seam”.

Wait until the modelling clay has completely hardened. This can take up to two days. Finally, paint your vases however you like. Applying clear varnish makes the surfaces appear smoother and shinier.

Tip: Paper templates can help you determine how large the strips of modelling clay need to be for your different vases. To make your template, place a sheet of paper around the container so its edges overlap slightly and mark the cutting line with a pencil. Then remove the paper and cut the template to size.

Geranium bouquets: perfect gifts and summery decorative

On their own, or with other summer blooms or grasses, geraniums are charming in bouquets as long-lasting cut flowers. Whether as a small gift or coffee table display, a bouquet of geraniums creates a summer mood and brings a smile to the viewer’s face.

In this pretty summer posy, a variety of geraniums have been paired with sea lavender (Limonium latifolium) and North America wild oats (Chasmanthium latifolium). Pennycress (Thlaspi Green Bell) serves as greenery.

As an alternative to a single vase holding a larger bouquet, you can also arrange several smaller vases filled with colourful geraniums. For example, in no time at all you can create this floral delight, on a charming vintage tiered stand. The stand’s rusty look contrasts with the vibrant flowers. Ornamental geranium leaves and bulbous vases in rustic colours work well here.

In this summery arrangement on a round wicker tray, cut geraniums are placed in small, colourful ceramic vases, alongside drumsticks (Craspedia globosa).

Cut geranium wall displays

As a natural wall display, a “Love” sign, made from bound willow branches and decorated with colourful geranium blooms, gives this weathered wall a new lease of life. To keep the flowers fresher for longer, place the geranium stems in test tubes of water attached to the willow branches with wire.

This DIY wall display, made from round marble discs, looks elegant and is easy to make. Simply attach test tubes to the marble discs with hot glue, fill the tubes with water and place cut geraniums in them. Attach to the wall using special plate hangers. Your unique, decorative plate display is complete.