Pinke Geranie in Nahaufnahme.

Why the geranium looks great everywhere

Whether in the garden, on the balcony or in the kitchen, the geranium is a real all-rounder. You can use it in many places and for many purposes - whether as a decoration, a mosquito deterrent or a culinary addition.

The geranium is a real all-rounder:

it comes in a wide variety of shapes and colours, can grow indoors and outdoors, and even comes with a few added bonuses.

Bed, balcony, flower pot: the geranium blooms everywhere

On the balcony or in the flower bed: geraniums look great everywhere and you can use them for many different purposes.

Firstly, there is the standing geranium, also called “Pelargonium zonale”. It is an evergreen semi-shrub, which grows between 25 and 40 centimetres high and is suitable both for the flower bed and for flower pots.

On the other hand, the hanging geranium – “Pelargonium peltatum”– is particularly suitable for planting in balcony boxes or hanging pots. As the name suggests, it grows up to 30 centimetres high but forms shoots up to 150 centimetres long. These shoots can hang over the balcony railing or in hanging baskets, which looks very attractive.

Frau gießt rote und rosa Geranien in gelben Pflanzkästen, befestigt am Balkongeländer

Finally there are the hybrid varieties, bred from hanging geraniums and standing geraniums. These plants have inherited the best qualities of both types of geraniums: they are particularly resistant to weathering and at the same time grow very vigorously. This means they are even suitable as ground cover. They look great in the flower bed, especially in combination with herbs like rosemary and sage.

Weiße Geranien in Metalltöpfen vor Kerzenständer und Statue in Wintergarten.

Two-tone, speckled, patterned: There are lots of variations

Are you looking for a houseplant? Geraniums are a great choice and grow very well indoors.

Even if you can’t (or don’t want to) plant a bed or a balcony box, you can still enjoy geraniums. Noble geraniums (Pelargonium grandiflorum), which are also called English geraniums, thrive indoors too. They grow very upright and compact, have particularly large and beautifully marked flowers, and their leaves are a little serrated at the edges, making them the perfect floral decoration for the home.

In a bright place indoors, noble geraniums feel at home and make excellent houseplants. Like all other types of geranium, they come in a variety of colours. In addition there are bicoloured varieties, plus those with stripes, speckles or patterns. There are even varieties that have simultaneously striped and speckled petals.

Wasp deterrent and kitchen aid: Geraniums can help

Scented geraniums are helpful in the kitchen. They are edible and can add the final culinary touch to cakes, pies and even savoury dishes.

Geraniums look beautiful and are ideal for decoration or as gifts, but they also serve another purpose. Scented geraniums have essential oils in their leaves and give off an intense scent: there are geraniums that smell like chocolate, mint, lemon, orange, lilac or coconut. Or how about peach or rose? When dried, the leaves are suitable for potpourris or as a filling for small scented sachets.

Some of these aromas – especially the lemon and orange scents – can even drive away mosquitoes and wasps. Another added bonus is that the flowers and leaves are also edible. They give meat, pastries or salads a very special flavour and make them stand out.

Kuchen dekoriert mit violetten Duftgeranien neben goldenem Besteck, Tellern, Tassen und Teekanne

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