Geraniums in clay pots are arranged on an old wooden ladder.

Which geraniums are the best?

Do you ever look at the plants in the nurseries and garden centres and wonder which geraniums are the best? The answer is simple: all geraniums are great! However, the best option for you depends on what you want to do with them.

This article :

Recommends geraniums for different situations.

Gives tips on buying them.

Explains how to care for these popular summer flowers.

Hanging geraniums for a wall full of flowers

Do you want a beautiful wall with flowers? Then we recommend hanging geraniums. You could plant them in boxes, as shown here, and hang them in a rack. The flowers will quickly cover up the empty space. Hanging geraniums are also unbeatable as hanging baskets.

A variety of single-flowered, semi-double and double flowers in various shades of pink and red provides structure and catches the eye.

Self-cleaning geraniums for balcony gardeners with little time

Stressed balcony gardeners are best off using self-cleaning geraniums. This refers to hanging varieties that shed faded flowers without human intervention.

There are a number of single-flowering, hanging geraniums with these characteristics. They look stunning in window boxes or hanging baskets.

Self-cleaning specimens find an easy-care partner in scented geraniums and decorative leaf geraniums, which primarily score points with their foliage.

Standing geraniums are ideal for flexible pot arrangements that look great from a long distance

If you like to plant individual pots or create pretty table decorations, standing geraniums are a good choice. They also go wonderfully with other sun-loving summer flowers.

You can rearrange these beautiful summer bloomers again and again according to your mood. To avoid a chaotic mix of styles, pay attention to the material; pots in natural shades made of natural materials are timeless and always go together.

Noble geraniums for all those who do not want to wait for summer

Noble geraniums are available from March and do well in bright indoor places. In summer, they also do well in a sheltered place outdoors.

You can move them out as soon as the weather is mild enough. The best place for this beautiful variety is one where you can have the wonderful flowers close to you.

If already, then already

Can’t make up your mind? Then simply plant lots of different geraniums!

A geranium stem adds height to a mixed pot, upright varieties accompany it at half height, and you can combine it with low butterfly geraniums and a sweet potato vine or a leafy geranium for structure.

More tips

Single flowering geraniums, whether standing or hanging, are the right choice for places where the flowers could get rained on.

– Double-flowering standing geraniums are striking. They still look great from a long distance.

– You will love scented geraniums if they are positioned in places where you can use them for delicious desserts, or where they repel pesky insects.

Saplings or stems add structure to spacious open terraces or garden spaces.

– Butterfly geraniums sprout countless small flowers, which makes them ideal as table or patio decorations.

– Geranium flowers, whatever their form, make wonderful cut flowers. You can arrange them in small vases, make wreaths and hearts from them, press them and dry them.

Geranium shopping

You can recognise good quality by the fact that the geraniums have so many leaves that you can no longer see the soil. The root ball of such bushy plants is also well formed. The pots for planting in boxes should not be smaller than 11 centimetres. If you want to plant the robust summer flowers in individual pots, pots of 13 cm (or more) are best.

In addition, good geraniums already show buds when you buy them. This proves that they have received plenty of light at the nursery and will start flowering at home in no time.

Geranium care

Geraniums love warm and sunny weather. These easy-care summer favourites will thank you for an ideal spot with colourful flowers.

You will be amazed at how many flowers there are if you water and fertilise your plants regularly. The right time to water is when the soil feels warm and dry.

You can fertilise with slow-release fertiliser in the potting soil, or by adding liquid geranium fertiliser to the water every week.

If you regularly clean out any wilted plants, you will have a flowering summer paradise with geraniums. Here you can find detailed instructions on planting and caring for geraniums.

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