Geraniums in rusty container on old trolley

Vintage gardens with geraniums: Discover interesting facts and vintage-style decoration ideas

Interested in garden design? In this article, we reveal some interesting facts about the vintage style and present creative ideas for your very own vintage garden.

Sustainable furnishing and design styles are very popular, and so is the vintage style. After all, upcycling old objects and a love of the imperfect often go hand in hand. In combination with worn furniture and antique-looking accessories, geraniums lend gardens a unique touch.

In this article we’ll explain:

What makes a vintage garden

– Why geraniums fit perfectly into the vintage trend

– Why vintage is not just vintage

– Some ideas you can use to give your own garden a charming vintage touch.

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What makes a vintage garden?

A colourful variety of flowers, shabby chic garden furniture and antique (or at least second-hand) objects as containers and decorations – all this is typical of a vintage garden.

Do you prefer perfectly trimmed bushes and hedges, straight, clean paths and weed-free borders? Then a vintage garden is definitely not for you! You won’t find any of that there. In a vintage garden, the plants grow untamed and lush in all directions. The beds are often overgrown and the paths are winding. Here, cosy, creative, enchanting chaos reigns. Strict order is not the way to go.

And that’s exactly what makes a vintage garden so charming. Weathered pieces of furniture, worn-out containers and aging accessories exude nostalgic charm. What at first glance appears to be completely disorganised is, on closer inspection, lovingly planned and arranged with a sense of style.

Why are geraniums ideal for your vintage garden?

Geraniums are perfect for vintage gardens for a number of reasons:

Geraniums are pure nostalgia. Even if there are now many modern varieties, geraniums always remind us of the good old days. 😊

– They grow abundantly and produce beautiful flowers.

– Geraniums come in a wide range of colours, from delicate pastel shades to bright pink, red or purple.

Geraniums come in many different varieties.

– They can be used to create varied, wonderfully non-uniform arrangements. Perfect for a vintage garden. 😊

Not all vintage is the same

Vintage is very popular, so it’s no wonder that the shops are catching on. There is a huge selection of specially produced vintage furniture, decorations and accessories to buy in the shops.

These items may look beautiful and of high quality, but they are neither old nor sustainable and degrade the vintage trend to a mere fashion fad. If you are looking for genuine vintage objects and don’t have anything suitable in your own collection, look around in second-hand bookshops, on eBay or at flea markets. You’re sure to find something there.

Have we piqued your interest? Then discover our decoration ideas for your vintage garden and transform your outdoor area into a creative paradise with geraniums, furniture, pots and accessories in a shabby chic style!

5 beautiful vintage decoration ideas

Idea 1: old trolley with geraniums

Do you still have an old trolley in the garage or loft? Don’t throw it away! With paint, it becomes an attractive container that offers geraniums plenty of room to grow. It’s very practical because you can always move the flowering trolley to where it will look best.

And it‘s not just trolleys that can be used as upcycled containers. You can plant geraniums in any other hollow object. The main thing is that the plants have enough space to grow and that excess water can drain away. You can find more tips on planting here.

Idea 2: Vertical upcycled garden with geraniums

What do you think of this vertical garden? You can recreate it in no time with geraniums and old plastic containers. Surely there’s an unadorned wall or fence in your garden that could do with a bit of colour! The more colourful and varied the geraniums you choose, the more beautiful it will look in the end.

Make sure that the plants get enough sunlight. Geraniums do not thrive in the shade. Here you can read about the perfect location for geraniums.

Idea 3: Vintage festive table in bohemian style

How about a friendly get-together? Invite your friends to a picnic in your garden and surprise them with this table in a romantic, vintage style. Instead of chairs, you’ll sit on cosy cushions on the floor. It could hardly be more inviting 😊!

On the lovingly laid tabletop made of raw wooden planks, cut geraniums in glass jars create a cheerful summer mood. In addition, a single geranium stem lies on each plate as a welcome greeting.

Idea 4: Geraniums in unconventional upcycled containers

You don’t have to plant geraniums in traditional flower pots. Discarded drawers and bowls also make wonderful flower pots, provided they are big enough and you make sure that excess water can drain away by drilling holes in the bottom of the containers.

In this cosy corner of the garden, a metal bucket, a painted drawer and an old enamel bowl provide plenty of space for lush geraniums to grow and flourish.

Idea 5: Upcycled raised bed in vintage style

How do you like this vintage-style geranium raised bed? Admittedly, it’s better suited to the balcony or terrace than the garden, but it could work anywhere. You can easily build it yourself with a spacious old wooden box, chair legs and paint.

All you have to do is mount the wooden box on the base of a discarded chair. With a drainage layer and drainage holes at the bottom of the box, you can prevent excess water from causing waterlogging.

Find more vintage upcycling ideas here.

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